LED Wall Hire in NYC: The Ultimate Guide for Event Planners

Planning a an event in New York City? An LED wall rental can be the perfect solution to create an immersive and engaging experience for your audience. But with so many rental options available it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about LED wall rentals to help you make an informed decision for your event.

Why Choose LED Wall Rental?

LED walls, also known as video walls, are made up of multiple LED panels that can be connected together to create a seamless, high-resolution display. They offer a number of advantages over traditional projection screens, including:

  • Brighter and clearer images
  • Consistent image quality across the entire screen
  • Customizable screen size and aspect ratio
  • Ability to display a variety of media types, including video, graphics, and text
  • Can be used outdoors during daylight, unlike projection for example

LED walls are ideal for a wide range of productions, including presentations, concerts, trade shows, corporate events, and art installations. They can be used to display branding and sponsor logos, showcase product demos, highlight keynote speakers, and provide immersive visual experiences for attendees.

Choosing the Right LED Wall Rental Company

When it comes to choosing an LED wall rental company in NYC, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key questions to ask before making a decision:

Quality of the LED Wall:

Look for a company that uses high-quality LED panels and has a track record of delivering LED Walls for known brand and tier 1 events. There are led walls that can be purchased for $100 per panel, and some that are over $2,000. So, what’s the difference:

  1. Pixels Pitch – Pixel pitch will dictate the resolution of each panel, the LOWER the better. for example a 1.9mm wall is better than a 4.8mm wall. Pixel pitch is measure in millimeters distance between the center of each led lamp.

    4-mm-pixle-pitch fine-pixel-pitch_500x500
    Planar provides an excellent rule of thumb table to help you select the right pixel pitch for your wall:
  2. LED Driver – There are 2 types of processing cards that you need to look into. The first is made by a company called Micro Block or MBI. The MBI Driver can almost be compared to traditional computer processors. It will dictate the ability of the tile to process video content. For example, an MBI5252 is 14-bit color depth and produces 16,384 gray scales. If your content has intense gradients, you want to make sure that the LED panels you are renting, are capable of displaying those gradients.
  3. Receiving Cards – Receiving cards are dictating the processing resolution, color depth, grey scale, scanning, and refresh rates of the led. In the event industry, there are 2 main manufacturer of LED panels receiving cards:
    • Brompton Technology – a UK Based manufacturer of high-end LED Processing devices. They are considered to be the top manufacturer of such devices. You are likely to see LED walls with Brompton processing on film sets, TV shows, or other televised productions.
    • Novastar – The Chinese competitor of Brompton, which is not necessarily worst. Novastar manufacturer cards and processors that are equivalent to Brompton in most cases, The caveat is that they also manufacture lower level cards and processors, that are used for lower-end applications, such as stadiums, out-of-home advertising screens that does not require the same quality as the events industry.

      If the AV company don’t understand the parameters above, they may select cheaper led tiles, that looks terrible in person and on-camera. This is because those tiles are designed for non-live applications.

Tips for a Successful LED Wall Rental
Once you’ve chosen an LED wall rental company in NYC, there are several steps you can take to ensure a successful rental experience:

  • Determine the optimal screen size and aspect ratio for your event.
  • Consider the viewing distance, audience size, and content type when deciding on the best screen size and aspect ratio for your LED wall.
  • Choose the right content for your LED wall.
  • Work with your event production team to create custom content that is optimized for your LED wall’s resolution and aspect ratio.

In conclusion, LED wall rental is an excellent option for event planners looking to create a dynamic and engaging visual experience for their audience. By choosing the right rental company and following best practices for successful LED wall rental, you can ensure your event is a success and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.