Garmin MARQ Series Television Commercial

Garmin has its own niche in smartwatch market, used by people that actually care about the data collected by the wearable – distance, altitude, pace, etc. As such, the company is investing a lot of effort in its premium products like the MARQ lineup.

ATD Audio Visual had the pleasure of providing our video services to help show off this new watch series. The production team built a 36 foot wide angled wall as the centerpiece of the commercial. ATD was able to create a 4K video backdrop on it by utilizing specialty lensing and our powerhouse projectors rigged to trussing. The projectors stayed out of the frame, but close to the backdrop. Further, the short throw technology allowed for a shadowless projected image.

Additionally, the production team wanted to have moving topographical lines on the subject. To achieve this effect, ATD provided a lightweight laser projector on a rolling cart. This method allowed for portability without sacrificing quality. This was just an idea at first, but looked so good it was utilized in the final advertisement and promotional content.

Dataton Watchout was the video playback tool of choice. This powerful multi-display media server manipulated the video outputs to create a seamless image between multiple projectors. It allows for a fast paced construction of new video content and quick cueing to keep up with the director.

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