Giant LED TV for MOSCHINO [tv] H&M

Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott has teamed up with H&M for his debut collaboration with the Swedish clothing company. The MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collection features an exciting range of looks including over sized baseball tees Disney with Disney cartoon characters, glittery puffer jackets, gold chains, giant backpacks and hoodies with MTV-inspired logos.

Included in the collection is a giant combination lock bag, which is a stunning reproduction of a never-produced accessory from the Fall 2015 Looney Tunes-infused collection.

To celebrate the launch of the latest H&M collaboration, ATD-AV has contributed to the custom, giant TV shaped stage with LED backdrop for their 5th Ave store. To enhance the TV experience, customers and store staff can choose their favorite video backdrop ‘channel’ on our iPad ‘remote’.

We used Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display software, to compose, manage and then perfectly sync all the different media elements in this display – video, still images, animations, graphics, live feeds, sound – and then play it back on our LED displays.

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