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Projection Mapping Services

We offer unrivaled nationwide widescreen and projection mapping production services. ATD Audio Visual successfully executed over 25 projection mapping projects since 2012. We have projected onto the United Nations GA room walls, Museum of Nature History, Brooklyn Bridge, cars, and many more. We guide our clients through the various steps of a 3D mapping projects: 3D modeling of the object, content creation, technical rider, setup and calibration of the system on-site. We have a vast stock of systems such as Vista Spyder, Dataton Watchout, Mad Mapper, Pandora Box, high lumens projectors for rent, catering for everything from desktop use for a presentation or meeting to a full rear projection system for larger events such as fashion shows, confrences and live outdoor events. ATD Audio Visual will advise the best solution for your event, as there are many different options and ways to gain your desired effect.

We carefully choose the equipment we use on mapping projects to match your project needs, rather than what gear is available to us. The complexity of mapping projects requires us to take care of the smallest details and aspire for perfection.

United Nations Project Portinary

UN GA Room Before the Mapping


After Mapping...

6 Projectors

2 Dataton Watchout Systems

2 on-site video content experts

1x ATD Audio Visual


Rhone Valley Wines Projection Box

We were hired to execute a creative idea by WCMG Events – a projection box to create an atmosphere of different seasons in different countries. The setup featured 8 edge blended projectors to create a 360 degrees projection box.


Gap Summer Collection

Gap Inc. wanted to present their summer collection during NYCs winter. While everything was covered with snow, we made it look more like summer with edge blended projection of a swimming pool.


W Magazine After Party

After party for W Magazine at 20 Exchange Place. We projected a 3D moving astroid onto an oval ceiling 20′ wide by 120′ long. We literally made the guests feels like they were in a different world.

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