Rane Serato SL3

  • High Speed USB 2.0 Computer Interface
  • Top Quality Phono Preamps
  • 24-Bit Audio Processing
  • Auxiliary Inputs & Outputs
  • Includes Scratch Live DJ Software
  • Vinyl & CD Control Discs Included
  • Supports Optional Video-SL Plug-In
  • Mac & Windows Compatible

The SL 3 from Rane is a compact 24-bit USB 2.0 computer audio interface that was designed for digital DJing (the popular Serato Scratch Live DJ software is included). There are two sets of stereo RCA inputs on the SL 3 that enable your to attach a pair of vinyl turntables or CDJ decks, and two sets of stereo RCA outputs that allow you to plug into a DJ mixer. The SL 3 hardware and the Serato Scratch Live software give you the power to control the playback of the music and video files in your Mac or Windows computer with the turntables, CDJ decks, and DJ mixer of your choice.

What sets the SL 3 apart from other digital DJing systems is its rich 24-bit audio processing, its fast USB 2.0 connectivity, its ability to run the separately available Video-SL VJing plug-in, and its stereo RCA auxiliary inputs and outputs. The AUX I/O can be used to accomplish many different things, such as recording your DJ set back into Scratch Live through the AUX input.

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