Clear-Com Tempest CM-944 Comm Package

Our communication system package include a combination of wireless & wired beltstation & beltpacks – All setup in  an easy-to-use rack and ready for show.

Package Content:

  • Tempest CM-944 Wireless Basestation
  • 2ch Clearcom Wired Basestation
  • 5 Wireless Beltpacks
  • Up to 12 Wired Clearcom Beltpacks
  • Clearcom Headsets
  • Remote Wireless Comm Antenna Extender
  • 10 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 5 Bay Battery charger
  • XLR Cable Package

The LCD display makes setup easy and efficient while providing real time status of corresponding BeltStations. BaseStations* can operate in one of three modes: Normal, Shared or Split. In Normal Mode, the Tempest900 wireless system can have up to 5 wireless BeltStations per BaseStation in full duplex, simultaneous operation. Utilizing the Tempest system’s TDMA technology and proprietary Accu-Sync BaseStation coordination, up to 5 Tempest900 BaseStations and 25 Tempest full duplex wireless BeltStations (in Normal mode)can operate in close proximity while maintaining excellent system performance. Tempest900 BaseStations come fully featured with Stage Announce, Stage Relay, Auxiliary In/Out and Relay connections, Remote Mic Kill, Minimum and Maximum volume levels per BeltStation, and Wireless BeltStation Call capabilities. Battery monitoring is available at the BaseStation and through the T-Desk application. In addition, all BaseStations are provided with an Omni-Directional Whip antenna and a Remote Transceiver is available as an optional accessory.

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