Shure PSM1000+ Dual Ch. In-ear Monitor

Package Includes:

Dual or Quad racks available, each dual rack includes:

  • 2 x P10R+ Wireless Bodypack Receivers
  • Full-Rack 2-Channel Wireless Transmitter
  • 8x AA Batteries
  • 4x UA Whip Antenna
  • 2x  1/2 Wave Antenna

The Shure PSM1000 Dual Channel Personal Monitor System includes a P10T full-rack dual-channel wireless transmitter, two Shure P10R+ wireless diversity bodypack receivers, two pairs of SE425 sound isolating earphones, two antennas for the full-rack wireless transmitter, and four antennas for the bodypack receivers. A hardware rackmount kit, link bar, zipper bag, bumper kit, and front-mount antenna cables are also included. This system can be used to deliver pristine RF signal and audio quality for professional touring applications, live stage and theater events, or permanent installations.

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