L-Acoustics K2 Line Array

 Recommended Rental Uses:

  1. Audience size: 5,000-20,000
  2. Venue: Madium – Large Venue
  3. Sound Quality: Concert/ Live Performance
  4. Loudness: Loud
  5. Sample Uses:
  • Concert
  • Large Conference
  • Large Ballroom
  • Music Hall

The L-ACOUSTICS® K1 system has achieved international recognition and is today the prime choice of engineers for the largest stadium tours and outdoor festivals. Its sonic performance, its fully integrated system package and its rider friendliness are considered as the industry benchmarks. With K2, L-ACOUSTICS® offers K1 performance in a rescaled package. The K2 system flexibility makes it suited to both permanent installation and touring applications, from theatre to stadium productions.

The 3-way quad amplified design, the transducers resources are among the characteristics giving K2 an exceptional ability to perform in many applications and with a record-breaking performance/weight ratio. Any on-site deployment can be easily and quickly achieved thanks to an extremely ergonomic, fast and captive rigging system.

Other Rental Suggestions