QSC K12 Speaker

 Recommended Rental Uses:

  1. Audience size: 100-300.
  2. Venue: Medium/ large size venue.
  3. Sound Quality: Professional clean sound.
  4. Loudness: Very loud – 131 dB peak (1 meter)
  5. Sample Uses:
  • Medium size speech
  • 100-200 guests presentation
  • Medium party
  • Small-medium outdoors concert
  • Small-medium rally

***Optional: Complement with QSC’s Ksub subwoofers.

Packed with a powerful 1000 watt amplifier, a tough yet professional looking exterior, and some really flexible input and output mixing capabilities, the K12 from QSC stands out as a great option in the active loudspeaker market. Since powered speakers get used in many different kinds of ways, the K12 has been equipped to adapt to any situation.

Other Rental Suggestions