Panasonic PT-RQ25 – 21k Lumens 4K Laser Projector

Recommended Rental Uses:

  1. Projection size: Ranging from 12′-24′ wide
  2. Venue: Large size venue with mid-high ambient light
  3. Image Quality: 4k UHD for high detailed projection in 16:9 ratio
  4. Sample Uses: Projection mapping, high-end presentations, IMAG screens 16′-20′, large screens (20′-32′ wide), photoshoot backdrop, stage backdrop
  5. Not Recommended for: Low budgets, small casual meetings/ presentations.***Special Notes: Requires ATD Technician to operate and setup the projector.

The Panasonic PT-RQ25K Rental gives staging innovators an edge where the limits of projection are routinely tested. As the world’s smallest and lightest 20,000-lumen-class 4K+ projector*1, the PT-RQ25K brings unassailable image-quality to body dimensions comparable to other brands lower-lumen-class projectors. Easily handled by fewer people and supporting free 360° installation, novel projection ideas become reality in 4K+. Hermetically sealed optics and filterless heat-pipe-based cooling underline reliability in dusty conditions, while solid-state lasers consistently control the brightness ramp over 20,000 hours*2 of maintenance-free operation. With shared assets across Panasonic’s large-venue lineup enhancing ROI, your transition to 4K+ projection is smooth and cost-effective.

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