Absen X5 HD Outdoors LED Panel

Recommended Rental Uses:

  1. Wall size: Minimum 8’x5′, maximum 40’x24′
  2. Min. Recommended viewing distance: 12′ away from the wall, ideally 20′
  3. Venue: Outdoor, indoors
  4. Image Quality: 5.1mm pixel pitch, great quality – 64×64 pixels per 0.5m panel
  5. Sample Uses: Graduation, concerts, outdoors festivals, trade shows
  6. Not Recommended for: Low budgets, walls smaller than 10′ wide, close viewing distance



  • Pixel pitch 5.2 mm
  • Brightness – 5,000 nit
  • 3000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Panel dimensions (W x H x T) 500 x 562.5 x 94 mm
  • Panel dimensions (W x H x T) 19.75″ x 22.15″ x 4″
  • Panel material Aluminium-alloy
  • Weight 10 kg /panel Weight 24.7 lbs
  • Pixel configuration SMD 3in1
  • Module dimensions (W x H) 250 x 281.25 mm
  • Pixel matrix per panel 96 x 108
  • Pixel density 36,864 pixels/sqm
  • Refresh rate – 3,000 Hz
  • Viewing angle (H / V) 140° / 120″
  • IP rating (front / rear) IP65 / IP54
  • Power consumption (max / avg) 555 / 185 w/sqm
  • Input voltage (AC) 110 ~ 240 V
Ultra HD perfect picture quality, exclusive visual feast
Ultra-high resolution brings delicate display effect, and it is a perfect embodiment of the new generation of ultra-high-definition LED display technology. Pixel pitch is 5.2mm.
Low brightness with high gray level, more delicate display performance
Adopt high-quality blackbody LED lights and black mask, the contrast ratio is up to 3000: 1, and the picture is clearer and more vivid.
Innovative waterproof design, indoor and outdoor all weather available
With independent and innovative waterproof design of the module, it can be used for outdoor rental application. Indoor and outdoor all weather available.
Seamless connection installation, as easy as you wish to install the whole screen
Vertical connection needs only 5 seconds, with seamless design; the connector design with invention patent can lock the cabinet automatically, and the gap is adjustable, ensuring the whole screen to be seamless and supporting quick installation and disassembly. Installation time is only 1/4 of the traditional structure.
Dual backup power supply, ensuring safer and more stable work
Adopt dual backup design of power supply, when 1 power supply breaks down, the other power supply will be automatically started to ensure the stable working of display screen, reliable and worry-free.

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