AV Stumpfl 32’x18′ GIANT Projection Screen Rental


This is the largest local inventory projection screen in NYC Metro. It is so large that 8 people are required to set it up!

Our screen is typically used on film sets, to act as large projection backdrop. Parts of the trailer in the video below were shot using our screen.

AV Stumpfl Screen Kit:

  • Aluminum frame with snap joints consisting of 2 frame modules (horizontal), 2 vertical modules
  • Screen material incl. 10 cm black reinforced border and snap fasteners
  • Customized truss legs, or rigging hardware for hanging the screen of a truss.
  • Thumb screws in yellow bag
  • Bag for projection screen in black
  • 2x Softbag with wheels (screen, legs)
  • Front projection screen
  • Skirt and dress kit available upon request

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