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Microphone Rental

Microphone Rental

We stock a variety of microphone rental ranging from wireless microphones for speech, instruments, choir microphones and more.


Need wireless microphone rental in NYC?

Our microphone rental can be broken down into several categories. Here is what you should know about it:

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  • Wired Microphone for rent – Wired microphone is probably the simplest, clearest, and most reliable microphone.
    Pros – it’s ease of use and reliability.
    Cons – it is wired and can become a little cumbersome.
  • Vocal Microphones – Vocal microphones are generally suitable for speeches, conferences and vocalist. It is used mainly when human voice need to be amplified. Vocal mics are available in 2 variations:
  • Wireless Microphone Rental – Wireless or cordless microphone is a a mic without a cord that works on a radio frequency.
    Pros – it is wireless, and easy to use.
    Cons – It requires more maintenance than a wired mic, and in some instances may require an audio technician to operate it throughout the event.
  • Instrument Microphones – Instrument mics design to amplify the sound of musical instruments.
  • Purpose Microphones – This mics category match microphones for specific uses, for example to mic chorus, an opera singer, and more.

There are several types of wireless microphone rentals:

  • Handheld Mic – A standard microphone that need to be held by the speaker.
  • Body pack – This is a wireless transmitter that can be connected to several types of microphones:
  • Lavalier microphone – can be clipped into the speaker’s shirt.
  • Countryman Microphone – It is a tiny microphone that attached to the performer’s ear, and usually matched to their skin color. It is used for theatre performances or high end speeches like TED Talks.

What areas we service?

Our focus markets are in New York and Washington DC Metros:

  • In NYC we serve the 5 boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island).
  • Long Island and Westchester counties.
  • Connecticut and East New Jersey.

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