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TV Rental

TV Rental

ATD Audio Visual© has a range of plasma TV available for rent, with sizes from 22-103 inches, and are suitable for all venue types and audience sizes. TV rental accessories include floor/table stands, side mounted speakers, PA Speakers, wall mounts and plasma trolleys, cables for laptops, DVD Players and Macs. All of this is available to rent today. Plasma and LED Displays are an excellent choice for weddings and corporate events, our FULL HD 1080p LED TVs are great for displaying a range of visuals and DVD mixing.


How to choose a flat screen tv rental size?

When you rent a TV you need to consider 3 variables: monitor size, image quality, stand style:

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Monitor Size – We carry TV monitor sizes from 22″ to 103″:

  • 22″-32″ TVs are suitable for personal presentations for up to 10 people and distances of up to 8′ away from the screen
  • 40″-60″ plasma TVs are recommended for less than 20 people presentation and distanced of less than 20′
  • 60″-103″ flat screens are recommended for groups larger than 20 people and viewing distance of less than 40′

Image Quality – low resolution vs. HD quality, art vs. presentation, brightness:

  • Standard TVs – recommended for use with a “standard” presentation and content; the image brightness and quality is good but not perfect
  • Professional Monitors – professional TV monitors are also known by the name “commercial display”. Those monitors are designed to work 24/7, they are brighter and sharper. They are usually 5-10 times more expensive than standard TVs, and recommended for displaying content with high details such as art, or high-end content

Stand Style – we carry several TV stand styles:

  • Portable TV Floor Stand – a portable floor stand with adjustable height from 4′-8′, and various styles for different flat screen sizes
  • Truss Stands – these are suitable for monitors that are larger than 60″, the benefit of this stand is that it allows design flexibility with truss covers and led truss warmers
  • Table-top Stand – a table-top stand is a standard stand that allows to place the TV on a table or a cabinet

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