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Virtual Event Production

Let ATD Audio Visual produce your next virtual event. We offer a unique, compelling and interactive broadcast level experience. We’ll help you create a completely customized solution to meet your virtual or hybrid live-stream goals and deliver video content to your online audience instantly.



We are the company behind-the-scenes! Let us take your virtual or hybrid event to the next level using the same equipment and expertise as broadcast television studios. Not tied to any platform, and wielding a large inventory of equipment for streaming and live events, ATD is ready to partner with anyone who wants to reach and impress their audience.



Hardware is key to creating a successful broadcast. Television studios cost millions of dollars because of this. We own the hardware necessary to handle any size virtual event, with almost no limit to the complexity of the show. Using a software based broadcasting platform has lots of limitations, and is prone to complete failure. We know that in order to create the highest quality broadcast our hardware based system is a must. It is also mobile, so we can bring the studio to you.



With over a decade of producing large live events, we know how important redundancy is. It is said that the more complex a show is, the more likely it is to fail. Having a backup for everything involved in the show is not just a luxury for us, it is required. Using hardware allows us to have backups in place to minimize failure points. We design redundancy plans for everything in our system from remote video participant machines, to the entire video switcher, and our connection to the internet.



The difference between a mediocre looking virtual event and a television quality production is in the small details. Elements that we emphasize as important include the “bug” logo, lower third titles, balanced picture-in-picture layouts, and smooth transitions. Check out our XR StageĀ if you really want to take your production quality to the highest bounds.