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Working with ATD

At ATD Audio Visual, we advocate for our clients as their dedicated technology partners. We understand that most people don’t have an AV services background, so we work with clients to help them execute their events flawlessly.

While you’re here, learn more about our company history and our dedicated team. When you’re ready to begin planning your next event, give us a call to request a quote or get expert advice.

About Us

Our company’s story began in the late 1980’s. Back then, ATD stood for Advanced Telecomm Devices. Years later, we developed highly sophisticated communication devices.

We started to sell and rent communication servers and network modems for industry leaders such as IBM, Cisco, major telephone companies and other large corporations. Then, towards the end of the 1990’s, we started to integrate CCTV devices into our servers. By 2005, we had made a full transition into the audio visual services industry.

Our background as a 1990’s Tele-Communication startup helped shape our current business into a unique, out-of-the-box, AV services, rental shop. With a rich background in technology and programming, we understand every detail within the AV industry, and can therefore better serve our customers in this new age of advanced technology – which changes daily!

Today, we are a full service, one-stop-shop event production company. We specialize in high-quality event production, audio visual presentations, projector rental and modern lighting technologies. As experts in these fields, our technicians can advise virtually any AV aspect of high profile event production.

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Meet the Team

Alan Gur Founder
Or Israel President
Michael Greer Sales & Installation Manager
Ani Espinal VP of Operations
Team Default
Spencer Kong Sales
Anton Smailov Warehouse Manager
Riley Irving Project Manager
Jason Zivic Project Manager
Kelvin Gomez Project Manager
Hosting VP Mike Pence
I wanted to personally reach out and thank... Stephen Office of the Vice President
It was absolutely a pleasure working with you!... Daries Artistix
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