Wedding Lighting

Wedding Lighting

ATD-AV is one of the fastest-growing wedding lighting companies in New York City and is now serving Los Angeles, as well. We provide lighting and creative design services for wedding planners, brides and grooms looking for a technical partner.

Cutting-Edge Lighting Design & Pre-Visualization for Weddings

With an extensive suite of drawing, illustration, and rendering tools, Vectorworks allows us to produce remarkable line drawings and stunning 3D presentations. We can even create an immersive presentation experience with cutting-edge technology like virtual and augmented reality and rendered panoramas so that you can see how your special day will look without even being on-site.

The seamless integration between Vectorworks Spotlight and Vision allows us to create design documents, automate paperwork, and visualize your design in rendered 3D views. When the design is ready, we can previsualize, program, and cue your big day.

Wedding Lighting Rental Services

ATD-AV combines a creative mixture of conventional wedding and lighting services with decades of expertise from the top professionals in the event lighting industry.

Whether you know exactly what kind of atmosphere you want to create for your special day, or whether you need expert creative and technical help for your wedding, ATD-AV is your destination.

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Marchesa Spring/Summer 2018 Bridal show

Marchesa Spring/Summer 2018 Bridal show

Marchesa is a brand specializing in high end womenswear, established in 2004 by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. For Marchesa Spring/Summer 2018 Bridal Show in New York, ATD created a customized white stages and runway to showcase the elegant bridal...