White Sheer Rental

  • Sheer is a “see-through” fabric and therefore it usually requires 200% fullness – it means that for every 10′ of width, we will place 3-4 panels of sheer
  • Each panel dimension is 10’W x 12’H
  • Height available are 10′-12
  • Width available is 8′-13′
  • Each panel need to be supported with pipe and base system
  • 2 bases and pins, 1 cross bar for each panel are included in the rental cost
  • Optional: White base and pipe covers

Our Sheer drapery can be rented in several different heights, because the pipe structure is can be adjustable in height. The true height of those panels is 9′ H, but we can set it up at a lower height of 7′-9′.

Other Rental Suggestions