Portable Wheelchair Ramp Rental

Our portable wheelchair ramps are ADA compliant. We can customize it based on the venue configuration, stage type, and stage height.

Our ramps were built in many venues throughout Manhattan such as the NASDAQ, United Nations Headquarters, Houses of worship, Wedding venues and more.


  • ADA compliant – we follow the ADA guidelines¬†very strictly to ensure the safety of the ramp.
  • The wheelchair ramp fits stages of up to 42″ height.
  • Carpeting and skirting available (customized).


PORTABLE STAGE RAMPS – Provide wheelchair access to your events. Complies with ADA guidelines. Easy setup offering flexibility in configurations using stage back entry or side entry. Will work for lower heights by interchanging landing platform height and removing ramp/railing sections. Available for 8″, 16″, 24″ and 32″ stage heights.¬†Complete with guardrails.

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