Dataton Watchout 2018 Server Rental


Small form factor, the size of an Xbox One or Sony Playstation!

  • 4x 4k @60hz output capability
  • Intel Core i7-7820k
  • AMD FirePro WX7100
  • AMD Firepro S400 Synchronization Card
  • 16GB DDR4 3000MHz Memory
  • Windows 7 Pro SP1 on 256GB M.2 Drive
  • M.2 256GB for Media
  • SDI Capture Capability
  • Capture card through external USB 3.1/ USB C
  • Built in Watchout 6 License
  • Genlock capability through AMD S400 and Time-code generator
  • System is tested for stability before each rental, running demo show with 4x 4k videos, and multiple transitions


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