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Projector Rental

Projector Rental

Projector Rental

We simply offer unrivaled projector rental services in NYC Metro and Washington DC Metro. We have a vast stock of projectors for rent, catering for everything from desktop use for a presentation or conference to a full rear projection system for larger events such as conferences, fashion shows and live outdoor events.


There are many types of projector rental to be consider. We will advise the best solution for your event, as there are many different options and ways to gain a desired effect with projection.

So how do I choose the right projector for my event?

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When deciding which projector you should rent, please consider the following criteria:

Brightnessthe projector brightness is probably the most important factor to be considered before you rent a projector for your event:

  • 3000-5000 lumens is suitable for venues with low ambient light and usually less than 50 guests
  • 5000-10,000 lumens is suitable for venues with medium-high ambient light and usually 50-300 guests
  • 10k-40k lumens is suitable for venues with high ambient light and usually more than 300 guests

Image quality:

  • Standard Definition for casual projection
  • HD for higher quality presentations
  • 4k Ultra HD for very high-end presentations

Screen Size The size of the desired screen can help you narrow down the projector you need:

  • 4′-7′ screens can be used with 3k-5k lumens projectors
  • 8′-16′ screens can be used with 6k-12k lumens projectors
  • 16′ & larger screens should be used with 12k or higher lumens projectors

What areas we service?

Our focus markets are in New York and Washington DC Metros:

  • In NYC we serve the 5 boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island).
  • Long Island and Westchester counties.
  • Connecticut and East New Jersey.

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