L-Acoustics SYVA System

 Recommended Rental Uses:

  1. Audience size: 200-1000
  2. Venue: Small-Medium size venue
  3. Sound Quality: Top level sound system
  4. Loudness: Very loud – 142 dB
  5. Sample Uses:
  • Medium-Large rooms for a speech
  • 100-500 guests presentation
  • Medium – large party

“The introduction of Syva is a landmark for L-Acoustics. Syva is a new breed of sound system combining the benefits of line source technology with a plug-and-play approach, in a sleek design, tailor-made for places where elegance and discretion are paramount.”

Stéphane Ecalle, Marketing Director at L-Acoustics

SYVA is a colinear system suited to medium throw applications. It is designed for professional sound reinforcement and high-end residential applications requiring high fidelity and SPL with minimum impact.

Syva features six 5″ MF speakers providing usable bandwidth to 87 Hz and three 1.75″ HF diaphragm compression drivers, loaded by DOSC waveguides in a J-shaped progressive curvature. This transducer arrangement produces an H/V 140° x 26° (+5/-21°) directivity pattern, optimized for ultra-wide horizontal coverage with extended throw capability.

Other Rental Suggestions