Tapered Choral Risers Rental

Our stage rental department has been providing creative, flexible and safe portable staging rental and tiered seating solutions to a variety of events and productions for over 8 years. Whether you need small stage rental for a private party, camera risers for film sets or bespoke structures for festivals, we are experts at providing stages for rent that are right for you.

Rent Risers for Choir

Tapered choral risers rentals are exactly what you need for your next chorus performance. The tapered choral risers are lightweight, easy to setup, portable, yet safe and sturdy. The risers we rent features 1-4 tiers and can fit up to 40 kids or 30 adults per tier – providing a capacity to host 200 chorus members.

The tapered choral riser rentals are arced in nature, so the more sections put together, the more arced its shape gets. You can add accessories such as back railing, or side railing for additional safety.

  • Adult and Children Choir Performances (up to 200 capacity with proper set up and configuration)
  • Private Parties
  • Special Performances
  • Stage Enhancements
  • Festivals

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