ATD Expands Lighting Options with New Robe Luminaries and WashBeams

New York City’s ATD Audio Visual has expanded its services to include professional lighting with the acquisition of Robe Esprite LED automated luminaires and Robe Spiider LED WashBeams.  The addition of lighting services makes ATD Audio Visual a one-stop technical production provider for a wide array of clients.

“ATD is known for the high level of our AV capabilities, our affordable pricing and our amazing customer service,” says President Or Israel.  “Now we have become a true full-service production company with our own gear across audio, video and lighting categories and the best technicians to operate and maintain it.  Our new complement of Robe fixtures is big enough to support lighting designers in the largest venues in New York City.”

ATD’s philosophy always has been to invest in the best equipment on the market.  The company offers a large inventory of the finest pixel-pitch LED videowalls (800 Tiles of 2.3mm Tiles) as well as high-end L-Acoustics audio gear.  ATD previously purchased Ayrton Diablo LED profile luminaires and Aryton Levante wash luminaires for venues requiring small-footprint lighting products.

“But we also needed fixtures for bigger and more powerful applications,” notes Israel.  “We looked at all the options and were most impressed with Robe Esprite.  It’s the most innovative fixture in its category and gives a lot of flexibility to our designers on staff and to the world-class lighting designers we work with.”

Robe Esprite is a self-referencing, data-capturing WTE 650W LED source, which allows for rapid and economical ‘lamp-like’ exchange to give the fixture a life well beyond those of non-user replaceable LED sources.  Its feature set includes a fast framing shutter module, flat field CMY mixing, variable CTO, two fast color wheels, gobo and animation wheels and two frosts.

ATD has complemented Esprite with the Spiider WashBeam.  “It’s the most versatile wash fixture around,” says Israel.  “Designers love it.  Spiider offers many features to enhance lighting design, including individual-pixel controlled flower effects.”

All of ATD’s lighting fixtures feature built-in CRMX wireless capabilities for maximum flexibility and faster and cleaner setups at venues.

To complement the acquisition, ATD has set up a state-of-the-art 3D previsualization demo system in their Port Morris, Bronx office. The system is equipped with Vectorworks, Vision and disguise media servers to allow their clients to visualize the show in 3D before getting on-site.

“ATD has expanded into lighting services with the creative tools that clients need,” Israel says.  “Our new Robe Esprite and Spiider fixtures provide the kind of creative flexibility lighting designers demand for corporate events, weddings, galas and awards ceremonies.”

He notes that, “ATD invests at least 50 percent of our profits back into the gear we purchase.  We’re always looking for the best and the latest equipment to give our clients the creative edge in every production.”

About ATD Audio Visual

ATD Audio Visual is a full-service, one-stop event production company based in New York City and Los Angeles.  We specialize in high-quality event production, audio visual presentations, projection mapping and modern lighting technologies.  As experts in these fields, our technicians can advise virtually any AV aspect of high-profile event production.