Runway Stage Rental

Please follow the following steps when renting a runway:

  1. Choose overall catwalk size (width x depth)
  2. Choose runway height: 6″-42″
  3. Choose accessories such as:
  • Steps – recommended for stages higher than 8″, available with side railing or without
  • Runway Skirt – Available in black or white (we can customize skirts as well)
  • Deck color – The standard color is black, but we can top the surface with different materials and colors


We rent runway stages (catwalks) for fashion shows. Our experience with fashion show planners and fashion brands taught us that no two fashion shows are similar. Therefore, we came up with a fully customized runway system that can be highly customized – size, color, height, and runway finish.

In the images you will see a sample runway we provided for Marchesa (images are taken from Marchesa social media platforms). We can change the dimensions of the runway stage as well as the color to fit different budgets.

Other Rental Suggestions