Dataton Watchout Watchpax2 Rental


  • 2x 2560 x 1600 output capability
  • Built in Watchout 6 License

WATCHPAX 2 is a dedicated media server for WATCHOUT shows. The sleek, plug-and-play unit has a built-in WATCHOUT license making it a cost-effective solution for smaller installs.

Powerful and portable:

WATCHPAX 2 media servers combine a compact footprint with great performance. WATCHPAX 2 features two Mini DisplayPort video outputs.

Measuring just 127 x 148 x 22 mm, the unit is small enough to sit right next to a display, keeping the hardware close to the display source and cable lengths short. It’s ideal for installations where space is tight, or when you need an easily portable system. Each WATCHPAX 2 drives up to two displays. Multiple players may be used in installs.

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