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We were contracted by a marketing agency of P&G’s to help create an immersive, interactive projection experience for “Sustainable Brands” trade-show in Vancouver, Canada. The project featured cutting aged technology, using RFID technology, and multi-projectors mapping and playback.

In this project we had to use our close relationship with Panasonic to get the only possible projection solution for the client: a projector that is lite enough to be mounted on an aluminum frame, bright enough to display clear image in a trade-show ambient light conditions, and a lens that is large enough to project a 16’x 10′ image from exactly 9′ away. With the help of Panasonic we were able to be the first company to own the newest 0.6-0.8 lenses, which helped bring the project to life.

Attention to details and meticulous planning allowed us to flawlessly setup the projection in only 4 hours. This left enough time to properly stress-test the system and tweak the RFID sensors to work flawlessly.

This project is really a case study of our core competencies: creative, challenging project, that requires the very latest technological solutions, turned-around in less than 14 days

A link for the full case study can be found here.

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