Tiered Risers for Chorus

Our straight tiered choral risers tiers are 2′ deep each, and we can build up to 6 tiers.

Choral risers available for rent:

  • 2’x8′ riser
  • 2’x4′ riser

Please follow the following steps when booking a stage:

  1. Choose amount of people to be fitted on the risers (children or adults)
  2. Choose if they need to stand or sit
  3. Choose amount of tiers needed (floor level can also be used)
  4. Choose accessories such as:
  • Steps – recommended for stages higher than 8″, available with side railing or without
  • Skirt – Available in black or white (we can customize skirts as well).
  • Guardrails – railing to prevent children from falling off the risers (recommended for over 24″ height)


In a world of narrow, cramped choral risers, ATD Audio Visual’s choral risers have widened the playing field. Our choral riser treads are a full 24″ deep – that’s 8 full inches deeper than the treads on most of the choral risers on the market today. Singers have room to hold their sheet music properly and even have space to perform a little choreography.

Other Rental Suggestions